We offer customised solutions to different brands in a wide range of sectors. Our experience, knowledge and level of specialisation allows us to tackle innovative projects in different sectors.

Alimentación Sectores Instant Procès

Our Sectors

Some of our star products that are found in different sectors are:

Health and Wellness

We develop everything from formulas for digestion and circulation to collagen supplements, and products that strengthen the immune system and promote fertility in women. We are committed to creating solutions that contribute to holistic wellness.

Dietetics and Food

We excel in the packaging of products for haute cuisine. Whether it’s high quality cocoa, speciality yeasts or exclusive tea selections, we ensure that each product maintains its freshness and quality, offering our customers excellence in every detail.


We create products designed for skin care, beauty and dietary support. We strive to combine science and aesthetics to provide solutions that enhance the health and appearance of our consumers.

Sports Nutrition

We offer products specifically formulated for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. From high quality protein to mineral salts for sports performance, as well as products designed for muscle building, we work to boost performance and recovery in the world of sport.

Alimentación Sectores Instant Procès

Nutritional Supplementation

Expertise in nutritional supplementation, we offer customised formulations to enhance our customers’ product lines, supporting unique solutions in order to be a differentiator in the market.

Special Medical Uses

We innovate in nutritional science, from premium supplements that address general wellness to specialised formulations for specific medical needs. Health is our priority. Health is our priority.

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