Since 1998 we have been offering manufacturing and formulation solutions for third parties


Since 1998 we have been offering manufacturing and formulation solutions for third parties We work for different sectors: health, wellness, nutricosmetics, food and sports.

Your Project from start to finish

1. Idea

Idea and innovation for differential products in the market for complements of food.

2. Development

Development of galenic formulations and industrialization of the product to ensure its success.

3. Manufacturing

We have a wide variety of of formats to give the maximum packaging flexibility.

4. Certificates

Products suitable for export, complying with GMP, ISO standards, FDA, FSSC 22.000, CCPAE.

Choose the galenic form of your supplement

We manufacture your complements with the best packaging

The uniqueness of your product deserves a presentation to match. Discover our diverse selection of packaging, each meticulously created to highlight the unique essence of your brand.

We advise you on the perfect choice. From formula to packaging.

Committed to Quality and Innovation

The best service is within your reach, with our collaboration you will have access to:

Your Sector, Our Formulas

We develop projects for several brands in different sectors, standing out especially in the following categories:

Health and Wellness

Relaxation and sleep, Vitality, Cognitive, Immune, Articular,
digestive, circulatory, women's health.

Dietetics and Food

Meal replacements, detox products, weight control, tea, etc.


Sun, capillaries, skin and nails.

Sports nutrition

Proteins, isotonic, energy, recovery, pre-workouts.

Nutritional Supplementation

Macronutrients and micronutrients for
complement your diet.

Special Medical Uses

Elaborated for the dietary management of patients under medical supervision.

Quality certificates

Committed to excellence, we have quality and environmental certifications that support our work in the formulation and development of food supplements for third parties.

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